About Us - YourVegePatch

YourVegePatch is a family owned business on 40 acres of fertile soil in the Lockyer Valley, that is committed to growing food in a natural environment.  We are also a Land For Wildlife property and use the wildlife to maintain the pests rather than using chemicals.  

We have over 300 organically grown mango trees, which provide an amazing harvest every year between late January to mid February.  Our mangoes are well renowned in this area, and we tend to have customers lining up the front of gate each year to buy "fresh from the tree to you" mangoes.

After the recent events and food shortages, scarcities and our passion for growing fresh food, have lead us to dedicate our farm for growing fresh organic produce for as many as we can.

We we have a plan to establish vege patches that can be used by those that don't have the space or no-how.  We are starting out slow, by supplying the seeds we use to grow the produce.  We will test and trial the seed for quality and taste, so that when you grow your own vegetables from the seed, you can be confident that it can produce the same harvest, as we can.

YourVegePatch will provide the advice and seeds to help you establish the best garden you can grow!  With our seeds, gardening supplies and advice we'll help you get your vege gardening thriving, like we do, from Our own Vege Patch!