Are Slugs and Snails Killing Your Veggie Garden Success?

Are Slugs and Snails Killing Your Veggie Garden Success?

After the recent increase in rainfall, Your Vege Patch has noticed an increase in slugs.  The slimy little critters are doing so much damage to our cabbage and lettuces, and the damage is not always obvious at first.

Evidence of slugs

How do you know if you have slugs in your garden?  Besides going out at night or early in the morning, and checking on your delicate vegetable plants, there are other obvious signs.

1. Are leaves being eaten at the tops?

2. Are their brown dying leaves that are slimy?

3. Does the base of stems and plants seem to be browning?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you might have a slug or snail issue affecting your garden.

Once you have identified you have a slug or snail problem, the next thing to do is rid your garden of the little critters.  We tried pulling them off, leaving stale beer out, but nothing home-made worked. 

So, we then decided to give Protect-Us Snail and Slug Killer a go, knowing it is safe to use around dogs, animals, birds and wildlife.  

We sprinkled a little around a few of the lettuce and cabbages that they were attacking badly and noticed that within a few days the amount of slugs we pulled off the plants and died down considerably but there were still evidence and still slugs.

A week later we spread the pellets across the whole veggie patch and within 2 days we have found no more evidence or damage from slugs.  Finally we have found a solution that actually works and is friendly to the environment.

If you want to rid your garden of slugs and snails then we highly recommend trying Protect-us Snail and Slug Killer... Shop now!





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