Seed Storage Ideas to keep your vegetable, herb and fruit seeds safe from moisture and heat.

How to Care for Your Seeds

Seed storage should be a consideration to ensure the longevity of your seeds.  Heat and moisture can affect the viability of the seeds when you go to use them, so its important that you store your seeds safely.

We recommend storing your seeds in sealed tight plastic containers, something similar to this craft storage box works great.  Then ideally pop the box in the refrigerator and just pull out to easily identify and access your seeds.  If you live in cooler climates, you may store your seed storage containers in a dark cool room or cellar.  

Each planting season, check the used by dates and ensure that you use the oldest seed packets first.  If the used by date has past, don't fret, seeds are amazing little things, and can sometimes germinate well after the used by date, so don't throw them in the bin, give them a go and don't get upset if they don't sprout.

The most important thing, if you buy certified organic, non-hybrid and heirloom seeds, you have the ability to collect your own seed for future seasons.  Happy Seed Raising All!

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