How to Use the Pop-Up Plantable Seed Raising Peat Pots

How to Use the Pop-Up Plantable Seed Raising Peat Pots

The Pop-Up Plantable Seed Raising Peat Pots are so easy to use, and help reduce root shock on your seedlings when transplanting into your veggie garden.

The first thing to remember is the pellets are affected by moisture so you should always keep these in zip lock sealed bag to keep them dry.

Just add the peat pellet to water and wait and watch it rise into a plantable pot.To use a Pop-Up Plantable Seed Raising Peat Pot, is to just add it to water.  We found the best way is to pop the pellet into a Mocono coffee jar lid or small dish filled with water.

The seed pellet will start to darken as the moisture is absorbed, and after a few minutes you will notice that it swells and rises until it forms into a little seed raising pot.


Add Seed to your Pop-up Seed Raising Peat Pot and lightly cover with soil.

The simply add your seeds and cover with a little of the peat and wait for the seed to sprout.  Best results are achieved by ensuring the pot stays moist all the time.  Keeping in a dish with a small amount of water in the bottom and changing and topping up daily will have your seeds sprouting in no time.  Just don't handle the pot too much or allow it too get saturated.

Once your seedling has achieved the desirable height, simply plant the pot and all into the soil and watch your plant grow to harvest time.

YourVegePatch loves these little pots they work a treat and don't damage the seedlings when trying to remove them from seed raising punnets and egg cartons and other home made devices seam to take too long to break down.

We have 4 different pack sizes from 6 pellet starter pack to a 24 pack for those really wanting to plant out.  These pots are also great for growing some of your larger vegetable and herb plants such as tomatoes, dill, mint and celery.

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