Why Organic and GMO-free Seed is so important!

Why Organic and GMO-free Seed is so important!

Did you know that non organic and GMO seeds may never produce the same quality produce that its parent plant did?  This means that the seeds collected from these plants could be potentially useless for growing future crops.

That is why certified organic and heirloom vegetable seeds are so important.  These seeds keep our heirloom varieties in abundance and allow the you to collect your own seeds knowing that when they are planted you should expect the same harvest as their parent plants.

GMO and many commercially grown non-organic seeds allow you to grow a thriving first harvest, but the seed cannot be harvested for future planting.  This creates an unsustainable environment and exposes farms and veggie patches at risk of being contaminated with "useless" seeds.

For most veggie growers, the ability to harvest your own seeds and replant those seeds, provides the ability to create a sustainable vegetable garden and a free way way of growing your own produce.

If your one of those that are concerned with sustainability, the impact on the environment transporting food, as well as the hip pocket, then you cant go past buying certified organic seed and seedlings, for a lifetime of potentially free food.

At YourVegePatch, we ensure we source certified organic seeds from reputable seed suppliers.  We then test and trial the seeds to ensure you get the best quality produce from your very own garden.


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