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Basil Lemon - Herb Seeds - Certified Organic

Basil Lemon - Herb Seeds - Certified Organic

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Lemon Basin is an annual bush to 60cm high and popular for culinary dishes, pasta, pizza, dressings & marinades. This basil is great for those living in units and town houses as it is can easily to be grown in a pot or container. Leaves and flowers are strongly lemon scented. Ideal near pathways. Add to chicken, fish, vegetable, rice dishes and marinades.
Sow in seed raising punnets 3mm deep, transplant at 5cm, space 40cm apart.


How To Sow

Sow in seed raising punnets 3mm deep, transplant at 5cm, space 40cm apart.

When To Sow

Spring and Summer

Where to Sow

Warm sunny position.

Seeds per Packet

approx 200 seeds

Seed Germination Period

5 to 10 days

Companion Plants

Apricot, Asparagus, Capsicum, Cucumber, Eggplant, Fennel, Fruit Trees, Potato, Tomato

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