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Chives - Herb - Certified Organic Seeds

Chives - Herb - Certified Organic Seeds

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(Allium schoenoprasum) 

Chives grow as a compact clump forming perennial to 30cm. Mauve flowers, small-leafed form of shallots it is easy to chop finely. Harvest leaves as you need them to use fresh in salads, for flavouring butter or in cooking. Prefers full sun well drain position. Available all year.



How To Sow

Sow seeds 2mm deep. Plant several seeds every 15 cm. Thin to 2-3 plants in each grouping. Raise indoors or in a hot house for 6 weeks and plant out after the last frost.

When To Sow

All year round

Where to Sow

Full sun

Seeds per Packet

approx. 75 seeds

Seed Germination Period

7 to 21 days

Companion Plants

GOOD: Apple, Asparagus, Carrot, Fruit Trees, Marjoram, Parsley, Parsnip, Rosemary, Strawberry, Tomato

NOT GOOD: Beans, Cowpea, Peas

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