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Kale Seeds - Red Russian

Kale Seeds - Red Russian

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(Brassica oleracea) 

Red Russian Kale features blue-green leaves with purplish red veins, making it a visually striking addition to your garden. Its sweet flavor can be enjoyed raw when young or cooked by steaming. With its high nutritional content and resilience in growing, it is a great choice for any gardener. Plus, this kale is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, serving as a great addition to your daily diet. Harvest it as needed for optimal freshness and taste.

Sow your Kale seeds from Autumn to Spring.

How To Sow

Kale can be directly sowed into the garden or transplanted as seedling (direct seeds will mature in 55 to 75 days, while transplants will speed up the process, ready for harvest in about 30 to 40 days.) Seeds should be sowed approximately 1cm deep, 30-45cm apart. Expect seeds to germinate within five to eight days.

When To Sow

For Northern Australian locations consider sowing in early July and in southern Australia you can plant until September.

Where to Sow

Full sun, but will tolerate part shade.

Seeds per Packet

Approx 200 seeds

Seed Germination Period

5 to 8 days

Companion Plants

Dill, Lemongrass, lettuce, bush beans, hot peppers, garlic, chives, shallots, leeks and onions.

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