A Guide to Summer Planting in Australia

A Guide to Summer Planting in Australia

Summer is a great time to grow a wide range of produce however you need to consider your climate and garden conditions to ensure successful growing and harvest during this season.

The recent Australian weather has also been very unpredictable, but at least the drought has broken across most parts of Australia, including the Lockyer Valley where we are located. Growing conditions have improved dramatically but the intense heat from the sun, means that seed raising must be done in Greenhouses and seedlings need extra care during their first few weeks of sprouting and sowing.

During Summer, you need to make sure you keep your veggie garden well watered and mulched. If you don't have the luxury of growing in a greenhouse, then still try to provide some kind of shade by using a screen, shade cloth or polytunnel to give your plants some kind of protection from the sun especially during the hot afternoons.

Below is some of the plants that will thrive during the summer months and allow a harvest during the summer early autumn periods. If you don't have any growing in your vegetable garden, then consider buying some seeds today and get your garden producing fresh produce for you and your family during the warm summer season.


Certified Organic and Heirloom Climbing and Bush Beans to sow in your vegetable garden during the summer monthsWhether a Bush Bean or Climbing Bean, beans are a great addition to your veggie patch during the summer months. Beans generally start to produce a harvest from 6 to 8 weeks which last for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the variety. Some bean varieties require a trellis or climbing frame while bush varieties, grow as small shrubs. 


Certified Organic and Heirloom Tomato Seeds are perfect for summer seed sowing.  Buy your certified organic and heirloom tomato seeds online today at YourVegePatch!Tomatoes are great to grow as there are so many varieties there is something to suit every veggie garden and every taste and purpose. Whether growing for making tomato sauces or using tomatoes in salads, there is a variety to suit every backyard gardener.  Heirloom and certified organic tomato seeds allow you to harvest your tomato seeds for the following season.


Certified Organic Yellow California Capsicums. Shop online now and buy your certified organic and heirloom capsicum and chilli seeds for your vegetable garden today.Capsicums with their awesome crunch, make a great addition to salads, pizzas, curries, stir fries, pastas, and you can even bake whole or stuffed. With so many uses every garden should have at least one capsicum plant growing but ideally several to give a great harvest during the summer months. Capsicum is also high in Vitamin C so great for your health as well.



Certified Organic and Heirloom Chilli Seeds for growing your own chillies.  Shop now and buy your organic and certified organic chilli and vegetable seeds online today at YourVegePatch!Who doesn't love a bit of chili and spice in your cooking?  Chillies are a great plant to grow and can be dried, dehydrated, ground and the best - make your favourite Chilli Sauce. Summer is the best time to grow your chillies, they need warm temperatures for the seeds to germinate and with so many certified organic and heirloom chilli seed varieties available today, there will be one that will suit your taste buds.


Certified Organic and Heirloom Watermelon and Fruit seeds for your veggie garden. Shop now and buy your heirloom vegetable seeds online today.

Summer isn't the same in Australia without indulging in watermelon during the hot summer days. However, you can't have heirloom watermelon varieties without the seeds.  Eat the flesh, collect the seeds and plant the next summer season.  Watermelon is a great vine to grow especially if you have kids.  They not only will love the flavour of home grown watermelon but they will also forgive the seeds if they know they can grow it next summer.


 Certified Organic and Heirloom Basil and Herb Seeds for your veggie garden. Shop online today and buy your certified organic veggie seeds from YourVegePatch!Basil is a great addition to your garden and companion plant for tomatoes, watermelon, chillies, capsicums and enhances the flavours of many dishes and salads. Basil is a short lived plant, but you can dry the leaves to store for the cooler months. Basil can bolt easily so keep an eye on them.

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