Your Vege Patch!!

Your Vege Patch!!

For those who realise how important it is to have control over what you eat, having your own vegetable garden has not only become a crucial health requirement, but a possible savings on the wallet too!

Living in the Lockyer Valley the supposedly "Salad Bowl" of Australia, we constantly witness and smell the fungicide, pesticides and herbicides that corporate Aussie Farmers use to grow "commercial-grade" quality produce that the general consumer will buy.

Because of this demand, the need to produce the "perfect" looking produce, regardless of taste or quality, is demanded by the supermarkets and grocery stores, the consumer has been programmed over the years that best looking is best quality.  This was and has never been the case.

Consumers aren't aware of what they are buying, especially when it comes to fresh produce. Produce is not marked with the artificial ingredients were used to grow it, unlike packaged food.  There is no mention of what pesticides, fungicides and herbicides have been used.  No mention of how the seed, may have been genetically modified, so that it continues to thrive even when sprayed with Round Up.  "Round-up Ready" seed is a real thing and we wonder why cancers are on the increase. 

Non-GMO seeds, are those seeds collected that haven't been tainted with poisons but are not certified organic.

However, no matter what the seed you can get your hands on to grow, how you grow and that you grow is all that matters.  If you want great tasting lettuce on hand, fresh as you can get, then the only way, is to grow it yourself

Now is the time to grow your own produce, and YourVegePatch is here to help with your success, buy providing quality organic and non-GMO seeds as well as great gardening advice.


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